St. Thomas, Nevada


In an effort to learn how to run this blog, I took a drive out to Lake Mead on Monday. Living in Las Vegas, NV I am so close to many amazing National Parks and National Recreation Areas. Some are close enough to do a day trip and others will require an overnight stay. Lake Mead National Recreation Area is home to many points of interest, not just the Hoover Dam. St. Thomas is one of those POI. Located in the norther part of the Recreation Area along the Overton arm of the lake.

St. Thomas was settled by the Mormons in 1865. The area was prime farm land due to two rivers, the Muddy and Virgin, that flowed nearby on the way to meet with the Colorado River. At its prime St. Thomas was home to around 500 people. After about 5 years the state of Nevada came to collect the overdue property taxes. The Mormons refused to pay and returned to Salt Lake City. On the way out they burned the homes and businesses to the ground. Some did stay and other resettled the town.

In 1928 the building of Boulder (Hoover) Dam was approved by Washington, DC. This dam would create Lake Mead. As the water levels rose it would eventually submerge the town. Knowing this the government reimbursed the residents for their property and they had to relocate. At the lakes highest level the town was 60ft under water. As the Southwest has been in a drought for many years, the water has receded considerably. The town is now above water and you too can go visit.

You can see a well worn path. It’s an easy 2.5mi loop trail
Bruce was hunting lizards while we were out on the hike
There are many old foundations left
You will see many shells along the trail and in the town. Evidence that this area was once under water
I love how the ground cracks after a rainfall

Happy New Year!

We’d like to wish you all a safe and Happy New Year!

Wow, it is 2016! This is the year we plan on hitting the road. So much to plan and do. It will be a busy time and I hope to blog and keep you all up to date. Please share this with your friends and family. We need likes and favorites and clicks to get help from potential sponsors to get this trip down the road.

It is January, where and when are you planning your summer road trip?

Christmas gift from my roommate
Christmas gift from my roommate

Getting ready for a test run.

My mom, not too long ago, told me I could use her travel trailer for my test run if I could find a truck to tow it. I called and asked everyone with a truck and SUV I knew and couldn’t find anything. After coming up empty she then offered up her Nissan Xterra. The Xterra has been having trouble towing and I was tasked with fixing the problem. The check engine light comes on about two hours into a tow and the X looses power. You have to sit and wait for everything to cool off.


I was going to install an extra transmission cooler with a fan to help cool the transmission fluid. When I removed the grill guard and grill, I found the aux cooler was too large for the space available. After calling the client, we decided to return the cooler/fan combo and add an auxiliary fan to the existing factory transmission cooler.


I installed the aux fan and wired it up with a temperature activated switch. So, when the transmission cooler reaches 180 degrees the fan kicks on and cools it down and then switches off. This is the best solution so the driver doesn’t have to do anything except drive the X.

The hope is this will keep the transmission fluid from getting too hot and forcing the engine to run on reduced power. We will find out this Friday when we hook up and head out!

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Happy Tuesday

Good Afternoon to you all.

We here at NPRoadTrip are just writing to say hello. Hope your week is going along swimmingly.

Ours is progressing. I am thinking this Halloween weekend I might get all of the camping stuff down and do an inventory checklist and make a YouTube video of what we have and how it might all go in the car.

Have a great rest of your week, don’t forget, get out and explore!


It all started with a dream

I was taking a nap one Saturday afternoon, dreaming of an epic adventure!

I was on a road trip. Going from National Park to National Park, on one continuous journey. Experiencing all that this beautiful land has to offer. When I woke up, I realized I was back on my couch, in the “real world”.

I knew then, I had to go about planning this trip. Before I forgot about it.