Analysis Paralysis

I have the trip planned. I am writing posts to inform you folks how I went about planning the trip. I just listened to this¬†podcast that featured one of my inspirations. It was great to hear of his travels and very inspirational. He talked about how he gets asked all the time about how to start and what people should do to begin. He said it is best to just have the idea and go. You don’t want to spend too much time planning or you will never get out.

I’ve heard it described as “analysis paralysis” It means you spend so much time planning and thinking that you are unable to do the thing it is you were planning to do.

I feel myself falling into this paralysis. I want to do this trip more than you can imagine. As I look at the road maps, trip guides and thing to do’s I want to do it all. I know I can’t do it all so, I spend hours narrowing down the things I really want to do.

May, the month I would like to set off, is rapidly approaching. I have no money, zero views on my website and no sponsors. I fear that I won’t be able to go on this amazing journey and that thought really scares me. I need to spend some time reaching out to a larger audience. My Facebook friends and family haven’t helped spread the word as much as I’d imagined.

Have a great day


Getting ready for a test run.

My mom, not too long ago, told me I could use her travel trailer for my test run if I could find a truck to tow it. I called and asked everyone with a truck and SUV I knew and couldn’t find anything. After coming up empty she then offered up her Nissan Xterra. The Xterra has been having trouble towing and I was tasked with fixing the problem. The check engine light comes on about two hours into a tow and the X looses power. You have to sit and wait for everything to cool off.


I was going to install an extra transmission cooler with a fan to help cool the transmission fluid. When I removed the grill guard and grill, I found the aux cooler was too large for the space available. After calling the client, we decided to return the cooler/fan combo and add an auxiliary fan to the existing factory transmission cooler.


I installed the aux fan and wired it up with a temperature activated switch. So, when the transmission cooler reaches 180 degrees the fan kicks on and cools it down and then switches off. This is the best solution so the driver doesn’t have to do anything except drive the X.

The hope is this will keep the transmission fluid from getting too hot and forcing the engine to run on reduced power. We will find out this Friday when we hook up and head out!

IMG_8070 IMG_8071 IMG_8072 IMG_8073 IMG_8074 IMG_8075

Which way to go?


From my house to the Furnace Creek campground there are two ways to go. I have traveled both. One of them, the highlighted one, has a very large grade to go up(8%-10%) and the other one is long and lonely.
Trip to Death Valley

In two weeks we will be headed out to Death Valley, in the Passat or my Mother’s Xterra with the travel trailer. I’m not sure I want to tow the trailer up that steep grade. Has anyone gone this way? Do you know how hard this is on the vehicle?

I don’t want to go the long way either. Any help would be greatly appreciated.



Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. I am thankful for this website and its gracious host, the few readers I have (thanks mom) and the most beautiful chunk of land to explore!l

Don’t forget to stay away from the stores tomorrow and head out to a State or National Park and spend the time with the ones you love.

Happy Holidays from everyone here at, now go get your Gobble on!

Happy Tuesday

Good Afternoon to you all.

We here at NPRoadTrip are just writing to say hello. Hope your week is going along swimmingly.

Ours is progressing. I am thinking this Halloween weekend I might get all of the camping stuff down and do an inventory checklist and make a YouTube video of what we have and how it might all go in the car.

Have a great rest of your week, don’t forget, get out and explore!