Which way to go?


From my house to the Furnace Creek campground there are two ways to go. I have traveled both. One of them, the highlighted one, has a very large grade to go up(8%-10%) and the other one is long and lonely.
Trip to Death Valley

In two weeks we will be headed out to Death Valley, in the Passat or my Mother’s Xterra with the travel trailer. I’m not sure I want to tow the trailer up that steep grade. Has anyone gone this way? Do you know how hard this is on the vehicle?

I don’t want to go the long way either. Any help would be greatly appreciated.



Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. I am thankful for this website and its gracious host, the few readers I have (thanks mom) and the most beautiful chunk of land to explore!l

Don’t forget to stay away from the stores tomorrow and head out to a State or National Park and spend the time with the ones you love.

Happy Holidays from everyone here at NPRoadTrip.com, now go get your Gobble on!

Happy November

I hope everyones year is wrapping up nicely. I am still trying to drum up some content for you all.

It is tough, I can do it. We are heading up to the mountains tonight and should get some “Me time.” I’ll be working on clearing my head and gaining more inspiration.

On that note, we made it! It is Friday and for most of us, that means it is the weekend. Cheers and enjoy responsibly!

Happy November,