National Park Road Trip is about fulfilling a dream and answering the call of adventure:

I was taking a nap one Saturday afternoon, dreaming of an epic adventure!

I was on a road trip. Going from National Park to National Park, on one continuous journey. Experiencing all that this beautiful land has to offer. When I woke up, I realized I was back on my couch, in the “real world”.

I knew then, I had to go about planning this trip. Before I forgot about it.

The Crew:

David – The Brainchild

I grew up in the Southwest going on summer road trips and camping in our National Parks. Now, as an adult, I’d like to get back to it.








Bruce – The Real Adventurest

I’m the perfect mix of Pembroke Welsh Corgi and Austrailian Shepard. My Dad adopted me from a shelter in Arizona. I am really looking forward to this trip, even if I can’t go everywhere in the parks. As long as I’m with my Dad, I’ll be happy!