Tule Springs Fossil Beds

Located just 20min from the Las Vegas Strip is Tule Springs Fossil Beds National Monument. An open area consisting of over 22,000 acres. I went out today to have a look.

Tule Springs is a new National Monument and has no amenities. Parking is along the road and you have to find an entry point in the fencing. There’s also no designated trails, as of this writing, so explore at your own risk.

Bruce and I explored for about an hour, we found only fossilized mountain bike tracks. With more time and a trained eye I’m sure you could find some cool evidence of the prehistoric time. We enjoyed some time outdoors, blue skies, lizard chasing, and a flyby of three military helicopters.

The only sign indicating you are at the correct location
Picture of the fence along the roadside
Hidden entry point
View of the “parking lot”
Bruce standing on top
Where are the dino fossils?
View of the varying terrain
Layers of sediment
This rock looks like it’s peeling
Bruce found an arch
Old 4×4 tracks
Panoramic views!
Something caught my eye as we were walking along
The Midwest has crop circles, the Southwest has rock circles
Proof of aliens, and a rock circle
Fossil of Mtn Bike tracks

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